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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Beach Umbrella Holder…

When you’re outdoors at the park, beach, or youth sports field chances are you’re eager to seek shade to enjoy your time there for many hours. So, you bring along your beach umbrella but don’t want to hold it or hassle with keeping it upright. What’s the point if it won’t stay up and give you that shade you desire. You want that comfort of shade and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

So, what do you do? What do you use? How do you easily conquer this ever-challenging frustration?

Some things to keep in mind:

Where are you most likely using your beach umbrella?

On the sand, grass, artificial turf, solid ground, or on black top/cement.

Many umbrella holders (or anchors) typically offer one type of use. So, consider the design, cost, ease of use, versatility for many settings, portability, durability & most importantly reliability. Does it do what the manufacturer claims? Holds up in the wind, won’t blow over, stability, etc. How many umbrella holders do you want to buy and then never use? How much extra gear do you want to lug around?

Your choice can be based on several criteria: material, color, design, screw tiers, wind capacity, height, width, pole diameter, adjustable, sturdy, light weight, versatile, portable, rust proof, and weight, among other things.

Here’s an article to help guide you through this overwhelming array of options.

Certainly, the Sun Umbrella Brace offers you many features with

the numerous benefits as well to easily secure your beach umbrella.

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