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Show you Care as we Celebrate Mother's Day!

How does one contemplate how to express your Love for your Mother this Mother's Day or during the "Mother's Day Weekend"? What to give, what to get, breakfast in bed, a meal at a restaurant, leave her alone for a break or all gather together to celebrate with her and make her a meal at home. Can seem like a daunting decision. The most important decision is to show that you "Care" and acknowledge her and what she does for the family and that she also takes care of herself. Tangible gifts and greeting cards can seem wonderful at the time but could soon be forgotten, stored away in that drawer or closet, but the gift of your time and the care that you extend will go a long way! These 'feelings' are the memories that last a lifetime. Wishing all the Mothers out there a wonderful day and for those Mothers that are no longer with us, may we hold tight to all those wonderful memories that were built together throughout the years. Remember, without our "Mothers" we wouldn't be here!

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