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Spring Forward - Daylight Savings

5 Things to do With Your Extra Hour

Daylight savings is upon us! Although you may be in despair about loosing an hour of sleep, you can rejoice about the extra hour of sunlight. Here's a few simple ideas for what you can do with your extra hour outdoors:

1. Watch the Sunset
When's the last time you simply watched the sunset? With our hectic lives, we forget to take time our for the simple pleasures in life. You have the chance to watch the sunset almost everyday, so go ahead and enjoy it!

2. Have a BBQ or Picnic
You can tell spring is here when you start to smell the grill firing up and hear the sounds of happy people gathering around the picnic table for dinner. Nothing tastes better than BBQ after a long winter, so what are you waiting for!

2. Fly a Kite
You don't have to be a kid to fly a kite! Flying a kit and be fun and even relaxing. So if you've got a little bit of a breeze, grab your kit strings and head outdoors for some good, old-fashioned fun!

3. Go for an Evening Walk

An evening stroll with friends and family can be just the thing to take in a little vitamin D and relax after dinner. You may even burn a few calories and gain a new healthy habit!

5. Exercise Outdoors

You don't have to be an expert at Parkour to enjoy exercising outdoors! The extra hour of daylight is great for an outdoor run, a quick swim or even a pickup soccer game.

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