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Last Minute Romantic Getaways for Two

5 Affordable & Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Traveling as a couple can be rewarding and fun. Whether you’re looking to spend a relaxing weekend close to home or dreaming of something larger, here are some last minute travel plans perfect for two!

1. Hit the Beach

Everyone loves the beach and what better time to kill some of those winter blues than during the beach off-season. From romantic sunset walks to intimate dinners, Valentine’s day is a great time to hit the beach!

2. Enjoy a Staycation
A staycation can be a wonderful way to explore local attractions and places. It doesn’t even have to involve leaving your home! Turn your home into a spa for two or pickup a bottle of your favorite wine, staycations are a great way to connect and unwind.

2. Visit an Historic City

When it comes to romantic locales, cities like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona are tough to top. You don’t have to go big though to have a great time. From art museums to cobbled streets, there’s probably a romantic place close to home just waiting to be discovered.

3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Whether it’s snowy or sunny, experiencing the outdoors is a great way to bond with your partner. Hit the slopes, go on a hike or bike ride or simply enjoy a glass of wine on your deck!

5. Take a Road Trip

Road trip adventures are often the most memorable. If you’re not up for a cross-country trek just yet, test the waters with a car ride to a destination a bit closer to home. A day trip to a winery or winter cabin can be just the romantic getaway you’re looking for.

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