Sun Umbrella Brace Attached to bleacher and wheel chair

Our Story

The Sun Umbrella Brace is designed as a simple-to-use, convenient, and multi-use way to secure your sun (beach) umbrella. The Sun Umbrella Brace is durable, lightweight and portable. It's as easy as carrying your umbrella.


As a mom who has spent many years outdoors in the sun at sports fields watching my kids play and always seeking the comfort of shade, I identified that there is really no simple, inexpensive and convenient way to secure a sun (beach) umbrella without having to hold it while sitting. I was typically by myself carrying around a chair, cooler, and umbrella. Certainly a four-man-needed EZ-Up canopy was not the simple solution. I was unsuccessfully trying to improvise with various ideas and products and constantly amused at other peoples' attempts on how to also solve this same problem. I then had an 'AH-HA' moment sitting at one of my daughter's softball practices and sketched out the initial concept on the back of a team roster and thus the idea of the Sun Umbrella Brace was born. I realized this was a 'why didn't I think of that' experience and I decided that I was going to seize that opportunity and make something happen with it.


Upon researching the market for anything comparable, it was discovered that most competitor's products were either single-use designed, expensive, heavy and cumbersome to carry around, or difficult to use. So I designed, developed and assembled my first prototype and thus begun the journey to manufacture and distribute my invention. Certainly, this was also accomplished with the input, help and support of my husband and family.

Don't Hold Your Umbrella – Brace it!